swabAll pre 1978 rental properties need to have a valid lead certificate.  This can be a Lead Free, Limited Lead Free or Full Risk Reduction (also known as dust swipes or lead safe) For the process on how to get a lead paint inspection call Lazillo Lead Inspectors or contact use by e-mail.  We will handle the process start to finish for you.

Effective Jan 1st, 2015 all 1950-1978 properties that have a tenant turnover will need a lead paint inspection.

You will also need to do the following 4 things:

  1. Have a valid lead paint certificate
  2. Have the property registered with the MDE.
  3. Give the tenants the Maryland’s Notice of Tenants Rights along with the EPA Brochure and have them sign that the received them
  4. Every two years have the tenants sign that they received the above pamphlets.

You can opt out of the registration if you have a lead free certificate.

This is a good overview by the MDE of the recent legislative changes.