Lead Free Lead Paint
In this inspection we take an XRF ‘gun’ and shoot an X-ray to determine if there is any lead based paint. If there is no lead based paint, we issue a ‘lead free’ certificate and your legal requirements are complete.

Full Risk Reduction (also known as ‘dust swipes’ or ‘lead safe’)
This inspection is a visual inspection, looking for any defective paint (inside, outside and in the basement) and dust swipes to make sure there is no lead dust.  The certificate issued is only valid for the current tenant so each time the tenant changes a new certificate is required or every 2 years.

Clearance Sampling
This inspection is done after a lead abatement project to determine if the property is safe for families.  There is a visual inspection to make sure there is no defective paint and then dust swipes are taken to determine if there is lead dust present.


We use ghost wipes for dust wipe sampling as well as an accredited lab for all of our analysis.